Screely: Upload Screenshots to Instantly Generate Beautiful Mockups

Last updated on October 12th, 2023

Not everyone has the time to generate complicated mockups, as this might not be the primary task assigned to an individual at the workplace. For example, some marketing professionals might additionally need to create some mockups or there might be a need to give a mockup to an app developer to give some ideas about app requirements. Screely is a wonderful website which allows uploading screenshots to instantly generate beautiful mockups without any complex software.

Upload an Image to Create a Mockup

Screely is as easy to use as any mockup tool can be. Simply upload your screenshot and you can begin generating your mockup.

Screenly screenshot tool to create awesome screenshot images

Customize and Download Mockup

Once uploaded, you can customize your uploaded screenshot using the options from the menu on the right. You can pick different mockup windows, such as a plain window, browser window or no window. The window can be further customized by a Window style, such as regular dark, minimalist or plain window. Other Screely options allow you to pick a background color, adjust padding and download your mockup as a PNG image file.

Example on how to create a mockup from a screenshot

Screely Demo

The below GIF animation shows a brief demo of how you can use Screely for making mockups out of uploaded screenshots. As you can see from the demo below, the process takes just a few seconds and can help you generate beautiful mockups without breaking a sweat.

screely demo

Screely does not save any information on its servers which ensures that any confidential information that you might have, such as a screenshot for a proprietary app under development, will not be saved for reuse by anyone else. Screely is a free tool which also has a Chrome extension to help you quickly create mockups via your Chrome browser. If you are interested in a more complex mockup tool, you might want to see our review of MediaModifier.

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