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Screely: Upload Screenshots to Instantly Generate Beautiful Mockups


Not everyone has the time to generate complicated mockups, as this might not be the primary task assigned to an individual at the workplace. For example, some marketing professionals might additionally need to create some mockups or there might be a need to give a mockup to an app developer to give some ideas about …

Duarte’s Five Rules Presentation Template For PowerPoint


You’ve been churning out PowerPoint presentations one after the other, and you may think that you’ve got presentations down the line. However, when you take a look at your audience, you always see them with their bored faces. Come to think of it, you know there’s really something missing with your presentations, only you don’t …

Couture PowerPoint Template


Couture, in fashion, represents the most dramatic and most high-end style. So if you want to channel couture from the catwalk to your PowerPoint presentation, you can use this Couture PowerPoint Template.

Free Event Postcard Template For Word

Customizable Event Template

Event postcards are an eye-catching, economical and effective way to announce any happening or occasion. An event postcard can be used to announce an upcoming promo or sale, a store opening, a charity ball, fundraising event, a convention, and so much more. These event postcards also serve like an invitation to guests.

Designing Presentation for Job Interview

Presentation design need to be adapted to each subject, and if you are designing a presentation for a job interview then there are many things and features that you should be aware of to avoid the common mistakes in presentations. First of all, what is your role in the job interview? Are you the interviewee …