Scrapbook PowerPoint Template With Heart Warming Videos

Scrapbooking can be a beautiful and worthwhile pastime that people of all ages can love. It involves some imagination to put together memorable and special things in one’s life or a series of events into one book. It’s nice to look back on the past such as family vacations and weddings and see these memories come to life in your scrapbooks.


Create Special Scrapbooks for Any Occasion

If you are not into arts and crafts, scrapbooking may be a challenge. It is especially true if you don’t have the resources. However, you don’t have to fret. You can create digital scrapbooks to treasure your memories using the Scrapbook PowerPoint Template.

This Scrapbook PowerPoint Template with Heart Warming Videos is a free template that you can use anytime you need to create a scrapbook for any occasion. It has a design that you can use for weddings, birthdays, vacations, graduations, anniversaries, or to chronicle your baby’s firsts.

This template has a versatile look that you can easily change and modify to suit any occasion or even your personal preference. It has a title slide that has a burlap texture background and lavender border and shape overlays with white text.


Make Presentations Related to Social Topics Using Sample Videos in the Template

The sample slides contain some heart warming videos which you can also use for making presentations about social topics such as family, social values, elderly people, etc.

Sample scrapbook video

Have Fun Making Memories and Keeping Them

The inside pages contain various layouts that allow you to display videos. There are 19 slides in total, which you can duplicate and rearrange to suit your preference.  There are sample videos in the slides that give you a great idea on how your own scrapbook will look. These slides can be automatically set to do instant playback as you flip through the slides. The various layouts provide interesting contrasts, and you can add many other interesting visuals such as pictures and shapes to make your scrapbook very personal and special.


You can keep this template onto your OneDrive account so it is on the cloud anytime you need to have a handy scrapbook template.

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