Samsung Flip: Interactive Digital Whiteboard for Presenters

With Microsoft rolling out with Surface Board and Google with its Jamboard, it’s was a matter of time before Samsung joined the fore. And true enough, it created its own version of a digital interactive whiteboard, called Flip. The Samsung Flip is a digital whiteboard that enables seamless collaboration among people wherever they are and even using any device. Powered by Tizen 3.0, Samsung Flip makes it easy to share information with a group like in a small meeting, a brainstorming session, a talk, or even a full-on conference.

Samsung Flip for Interactive Meetings

Samsung’s Digital Whiteboard for Meetings

Much like other digital interactive whiteboards, Samsung Flip promotes collaboration and team work for easy sharing, drawing, annotation, and search. What sets Flip apart, however, is obvious by its name. The 55″ UHD Flip can be converted into both portrait and landscape modes for different kinds of uses and preferences. The screen, which uses Samsung’s proprietary InGlass technology, can also be tilted to 4.5 degrees, something no other digital whiteboard can do.

Also, unlike the pricier counterpart, Windows Surface Hub, which doesn’t store data and is primarily used for display, Samsung Flip has a substantial 8GB internal storage capacity. Furthermore, as it runs on Google-powered Tizen 3.0 OS, it is also compatible with Google apps, from Drive to Gmail, YouTube, and everything else.

What’s more is Flip comes with an easy-moving 4-wheel stand, making it easy to stow and roll Flip anywhere.

Samsung Flip

Paperless Office and Interactive, Productive Meetings with Flip

When it comes to meetings, even with technology nowadays, notepads and sheets of paper with meeting agenda and other information are still brought into the boardroom. Over time, this can take up a lot of trash that we don’t need in our environment. And with businesses aiming to go paperless and be environmentally friendly, Samsung Flip can truly be a staple in the workplace–and even in schools.

Instead of printing out copies of your report or giving presentation handouts, you can easily present with Flip and have everyone in the room have a clear view of what you’re talking about. And with an S Pen that comes with the Flip, you can annotate, create notes, or manipulate images, objects, and all sorts of information. The S Pen is dual sided, so one side serves as a fine-point pen, while the other is broader.

Samsung Flip Whiteboard

Flip Traditional Meetings on their Heads with Samsung Flip

A big improvement from traditional whiteboards, you and your team can write on Flip. The device is enabled to accommodate up to four participants at the same time, so you can all add content, doodle, write, annotate, and manipulate the screen using the SPen or just the fingers.

Furthermore, Flip can import files from USBs and other devices, as well as export to them. Best of all, if you want your smartphone to connect to Flip and vice versa, you can simply tap your device against the bottom of the whiteboard. Your device’s screen will automatically display directly on the Flip. Then, you can control your device’s screen from the Flip, and vice versa as well.

For notetaking and using Flip much like a real whiteboard, the device has a scrolling roster of 20 blank screens that you can use.

Compared to Jamboard and Surface Hub, Flip costs pretty much less, making it much more affordable even for schools, startups, and small businesses.

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