Collaborate & Present in 4K Resolution with Google Jamboard

Last updated on March 23rd, 2024

These days, companies are willing to pay a premium for technologies and gadgets that allow them to easily and seamlessly collaborate. After all, today’s buzzword revolves around collaboration and taking advantage of cloud technology. So whether you are working on a science project or conceptualizing for the next big app, you know that your team needs a place where you can get together, get productive, and keep the ideas flowing. At the helm of collaboration and cloud technology, and with its G Suite, Google has come out with Google Jamboard, a cloud-based digital whiteboard to give Cisco’s Spark Board and Microsoft’s Surface Hub a run for their money.

While Microsoft Surface Hub has received formidable praise and remarkable reviews, its price point at around $9,000 for its smaller, 55-inch unit is quite tough to justify if you’re purchasing it for your startup or small business. Moreover, the large 85-inch unit costs more than $20,000. As compared to SurfaceHub, the Spark Board may be a cheaper option, but without a robust suite like Surface Hub or Jamboard.

This leaves us with Google Jamboard, which is priced at $5,000 and offers pretty much everything you need for your next conference, presentation, brainstorming session, or team planning–and more.

Google Jamboard

Interactive, Digital Whiteboard for Businesses

Gone are the times you huddle together in front of a white board, struggling to remember all the notes and sketches written on the board before they get erased. Gone are the counter-productive meetings as well as the ones that repeatedly get rescheduled because other members of your team couldn’t attend.

Thanks to interactive displays such as Jamboard, you can really make meetings more productive and worthwhile.

Google Jamboard acts like a giant, interactive tablet that you can connect wirelessly to your laptop or mobile device. It can also be connected with a video cable. With these, the Jamboard surface transforms into a smart device that allows you and your team mates to work together in ways never been done before. This is because Jamboard allows you to instantly interact with digital materials and other data, and then save or share them.

Furthermore, Jamboard takes presentations to the next level by making mere slideshows into much more dynamic content. You can even switch to different contents, drag and drop objects, interact with the slides with notes, highlights, and sketches. You can also rotate 3D images with just your fingers on the board.

Share with Jamboard

Interact with Your Team or Audience in Whole New Way

Merging the familiarity of writing on traditional whiteboards with the technology of a giant tablet, Jamboard certainly changes the way people present, meet, and work together.

Connecting to Google’s G Suite allows you to make use of a whole range of productivity software and tools including the digital whiteboard option. And if you already have files in your computer and other devices, these are easily compatible with the document, slideshow or spreadsheet files the G Suite has. This software is also built-in with Jamboard, so there’s no need to download any other app or convert the files that you already have.

Jamboard by Google

To make things more practical, the software for Jamboard is also available in smaller devices such as your phones and tablets. These devices can even work together for a more seamless experience. This is perfect for meetings or remote collaboration so you can be sure you and your audience are on the same page with the companion app.

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Google Hangouts also makes it easier for you to work with other people who are remote or are traveling. The Jamboard can serve as a live workspace for everyone to work together as if they’re all in the same room, on the same table.

Jamboard also has not one, but two styluses. These allow you to perform freeform writing and sketching, doodling, and many other things. Anything you write can be magnified, adjusted, and moved. What’s more amazing is that the board supports up to 16 touch points at once, so 8 people can totally jam and pitch in their ideas at the same time.  And if anyone makes a mistake, there’s an eraser that easily fits in any office or classroom setting.

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