Microsoft Surface Hub is a MS Office Powered Digital Whiteboard

“Surface Hub is not a personal computer; it’s a team computer.” This is how people from Microsoft describe their new digital whiteboard. Actually, it is a unique platform that is the first of its kind, changing the way people work, conduct meetings, train, teach, learn, and collaborate. After refreshing its Surface Pro and rolling out its Surface laptop, Microsoft now comes up with the most exclusive member of the Surface family, Surface Hub. Microsoft Surface Hub is a giant digital screen display that comes in two sizes, the huge 55-inch model, and the even massive 84-inch screen.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Converge in One Dynamic, Digital Hub

Surface Hub runs on a special version of Windows 10 that allows it to seamlessly perform different and yet easily integrated, tasks. This in itself makes it an ideal and all-in-one device in the boardroom, office, classroom, and practically anywhere.

The big, highly responsive touch screen dominates any wall and room, allowing all eyes to be on it. It runs on Windows, but the operating system is specially customized to be meeting-focused. This means that while it looks just like any other TV screen, it can do a whole lot more.

The Surface Hub has built in sensors, mics, and cameras that make it a must-use gadget in any conference room, communal space or high-traffic area. Users can talk while presenting data on the Surface Hub, write or draw important details, emphasize points or zoom in anywhere.

For presenters, the Surface Hub is a dream. A flick of the finger allows you to switch slides. You can also play video clips and sound clips seamlessly, or even switch to different content as you present without skipping a beat.

Aside from presentations, meetings can also benefit from the Surface Hub. Everyone can be on the same page as you discuss important points, make plans, or even brain storm. It represents endless applications not just in the workplace but also in school and even at home.

Surface Hub by Microsoft

Jam-Packed with Online Collaboration & Presentation Features

More than just a touchscreen monitor, Surface Hub also runs many collaborative apps, among many others. This allows you to easily get in touch and share all kinds of content and information with colleagues, teammates and classmates. Furthermore, Surface Hub makes great use of Microsoft One Note, allowing you to maximize the digital whiteboard so you can write, make notes, clip content, and share them anywhere or with anyone.

In fact, it comes with two Surface Hub pens that allows you to “write” on the Surface Hub. But that’s not all, the Surface Hub supports up to 3 digital pens writing at the same time, and can tell who has written what. With these pens, you can make notes, annotate, underline your message, sketch, and more. The mic and cameras are also swift and clear, so you will have no downtime as you connect with teammates or other people about a project.

Other fantastic features come on the display itself. The pinch-to-zoom feature allows you to zoom in and out as you present on the Surface Hub. You can also lasso in on the content that you want and put it on a different app or send it to a contact.

Surface Hub Overview

Suitable for Interactive Presentations and Video Conferences

With an emphasis on collaboration, the Surface Hub also comes with a full spectrum of video conferencing features. There’s a wide-angle 1080p camera to make the whole room or auditorium visible. This means you can conduct meetings via Skype and have your whole team or audience interact with who you’re calling, and vice versa.

Aside from collaboration, Surface Hub also makes multi-tasking a breeze, as you can still move any window or app you’re working on to one side of the screen while you work on another in the other side of the screen. This is pretty familiar as it’s just like how PCs on desktop and laptop computers work. You can also make use of other apps for Surface Hub, just like Drawboard PDF, Mural, and moodboard creators, to name a few.

In conclusion, the Surface Hub is designed to work with numerous people at once. This indeed makes it a team computer, a first of its kind. Overall, the familiarity of the OS and the ease of use and preciseness of the pen make Surface Hub a worthwhile investment for all types of businesses. This helps pave the way for teams and individuals to work smarter as it changes the way people collaborate.

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