Any Year Perpetual Calendar Template For Excel

Are you the type who wants always to keep track of dates and appointments? Or you want to be able to make plans and schedules months ahead? Microsoft Excel provides a standard calendar for you. The Any Year Perpetual Calendar Template For Excel allows you to create a calendar for the current year or for any year ahead. The Any Year Calendar Template is a free Calendar Template for Excel that lets you get the bigger picture.


Clean Standard Design

The Any Year Perpetual Calendar Template has a clean design that you can use for many purposes. The design is clutter-free and easily customizable to suit your preferences. The calendar template can be used for personal, office or school use. It can be put in your room, in your kitchen, office, den, or anywhere that you need to see a one-year view of a year.


Perfect For Any Year

You can easily change the template for any year in the future. You can also use the Any Year Calendar Template for Excel to have a one-year view of any previous years. You can just toggle on the arrow button on the right of the year header or directly type the year you want to view or print. The months and days automatically update.


You can download this free Any Year Perpetual Calendar Template for Excel at

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