Ice breaker in the classroom

To start classroom session, presentation or even training session with ice breaker technique is a good idea. You can apply this technique to people of every age. No matter, you are taking class or you are giving presentation, both times you are imparting knowledge and you are teaching people. And for all the times mere giving lectures is not sufficient, you need to engage your audience so that they keenly listen to you.

Ice breaker in the classroom 90 10 principle ppt

Thus, ice breaker techniques help you to let your audience participate. Below, some ice breaker techniques have been discussed that can help you to teach effectively.

Ice breaker

Ice breaker is more effective where people don’t know each other. You can start your program with a short warm up exercise, in which you can give 5-10 minutes to your audience or learners to interact with each other. No matter you are teaching or giving presentation, people who come to listen or to attend your lecture, have countless things in their mind and this little pause can allow responsibilities to get into their minds. Whenever you start any new topic, practice a short warm up that relate to topic, this allow students or audience to switch gears to focus on topic at hand.

Wake them up

You all have seen some listeners who look bored; having glazed eyes using cell phones during your lecture, thinking as no one is noticing them. Immediately use energizer to wake them up. Instantly ask any quiz question or organize a quick game for them but that must be interesting so that everyone could enjoy that moment and become ready to get back to work.

Inspire a meaningful conversation

While delivering lecture or speech you have people with loads of personal experience, so you must expect that they are open to have meaningful conversation. This is the only way by which adults learn by exchanging ideas and views.

Take review test

Research shows that variation in the way of teaching can help people in remembering more things, somewhat due to association. And that is or ultimate target to make things clear to your audience and they could retain that with them.  So, you must pick 3-4 games for test review, so that any of them may appeal your audience. And later on they will ask you to come with test review games.

So, implements these ice breakers and let your students have fun while learning. If you need ice breaker PowerPoint templates you may consider to download free iceberg PowerPoint template.

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