Recruiting Process Return On Investment Template for PowerPoint

Last updated on August 4th, 2023

The human resources department is one of the most downplayed departments in the corporate world in the sense that it does not have direct contribution to the revenue generating processes of the company. However, that does not mean that it does not help the company grow. Thus, it is a must for HR managers to show the value of their department to the company. This is especially true in the recruitment process, where companies spend a huge chunk of their resources on.

Return on Investment Presentation Template for Human Resources

As a human resources or HR manager, you can make your higher-level managers and decision makers, as well as the whole company in general, have a better understanding of your value to the company. You can use this Recruiting Process Return on Investment Template for PowerPoint to show how much your recruitment activities are helping the company earn revenue and therefore grow.

At many points in your career in the human resources department or as a recruitment manager, you may need to justify your new recruitment program for budget approval. You may also need to show how much your existing recruitment program has contributed to the company. Either way, you would still need to have a presentation to show the recruitment process return on investment.

Utilize Various Layouts and Follow the Slide Guides

This recruiting process PPT template features 15 specially designed slides that allows you to present all your information in a professional and organized manner. The theme has a blue monochromatic geometric design that is present in all the slides. It starts with a cover slide that presents the title in white and big bold letters that allows the audience to see the presentation even from afar.

The inside slides contain various layouts for presenting your information in various ways. The sample text throughout the slides serves as guides for you to furnish your own recruiting process return on investment. The headers give you an outline on the information you need for your presentation, such as Agenda, Overview, Benefits of Effective Recruiting, Recruiting Process Overview, Key Metrics, and Best Practices.

Specially Designed SmartArt for the Recruitment Process
Overview of a Recruiting Process with 5 steps.

The template utilizes lists and SmartArt diagrams to effectively convey information. You can also add, delete, or modify slides depending on your own presentation needs.

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