Green Brushed Metal Design PowerPoint Template

Nothing speaks sleek sophistication than the look of shiny brushed metal. It is industrial, modern, and stylish. A brushed metal look on any object, whether it is on your laptop, mobile phone, or even furniture, will automatically convey a sense of durability, toughness, and high-end elegance. In business, you can also exude those same qualities using nothing less than an exquisite brushed metal background for presentations.

High Contrast Sophisticated Brushed Metal Design PowerPoint Template

The Green Brushed Metal Design PowerPoint Template is a simple, minimalist template with a bluish green brushed metal design that can suit any presentation topic or audience. This design can help you with your business plans, marketing strategies, project proposals, sales reports, and many other materials. The design, although sleek and minimalist, makes it flexible enough to suit any corporate presentation in any industry.

Prove Your Mettle in Metal

The brushed metal design PowerPoint Template contains 11 sample slides, each with its own layout to allow you to create a professional-looking, well-prepared presentation. And because this template is a PowerPoint Online template, you can access this anytime and anywhere using only your browser in your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It also has an option to be saved into your computer so you can customize the template from there. Aside from this, having a PowerPoint Online Template also makes it easy for you to collaborate with your colleagues using your Microsoft or OneDrive accounts.

Green brushed metal design SmartArt

As mentioned, the template features 11 slides that begin with the simple, confident, no-frills cover slide. This slide shows your presentation title in elegant, bold letters. Underneath your title, you can click on the Subtitle placeholder to type your own subtitle or description.

The inside slides contain sample content to allow you to display your presentation data in a visual format such as charts, bullet points or lists, graphs, tables and diagrams. These contents still retain similar color schemes that matches the blue-green brushed metal design of the background.

Green brushed metal design bar chart

Brush Up in Brushed Metal Elegance

Because of the background, the audience can see the message or contents of the presentation without the background design getting in the way. The brushed metal design only adds a sense of confidence, professionalism, seriousness and sophistication. The design also gives texture to the background, adding more interest to the aesthetics of the presentation as compared to boring solid color backgrounds.

Green brushed metal design table slide

The template can also be used for personal use, such as household chores or budgets; or in school, such as in Chemistry, English and History subjects, to name a few.

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