The Best Applications For Your iPhone 6

The latest rollout from the house of Apple the iPhone 6 and its counterpart iPhone 6 plus have created quite a lot of buzz for themselves both due to their amazing features and the bend trick that appeared in the later stages of the rollout.

But, what next? The phones are out and people are buying them like anything and there is a massive user base waiting to be dazzled by these amazing phones. As a user, you are excited about the phone and want to make the most of it in the best possible manner.

Day One app for iPhone

Well here is a list of the best applications for your Apple iPhone 6:

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is an amazingly crafted weather application that offers an interface so beautiful that you will fall in love with it the moment you tap on its icon. The application provides you with all the necessary information from the temperature, weather forecast, humidity, wind speed and everything else. Apart from all this thee application provides you with regular updates pertaining to the weather conditions.


Not just another photo editor, Snapseed is a level higher than the regular photo editors that you might have been using in the past. This application offers a well-crafted and simple editing environment that allows you to enhance the picture that you capture.

1 Password

A password keeper that auto fills the details that you select, sounds amazing. 1 password allows you to do exactly this and much more while keeping your passwords safe and secure. The application makes use of some of the best algorithms that are available till date.

Day One

Day One is an amazing application that allows you to maintain a graphical journal on your iPhone 6. You can easily attach media files like images and pin notes along with them to keep your memories safe for the time to come. The best part though is the clean interface and well-structured design.

While there can be dozens of more apps added to the list, however, these four apps are ‘arguably’ a must have for your iPhone 6 device.

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