Record Project Tasks, Monitor Costs & Analyze Data With ProjectPartner

Recording project costs, setting up timelines for essential tasks to be done in a set sequence and calculating cots against work completed by different individuals requires a lot of overhead and monitoring. Even then there is the margin of the schedule getting messed up or inability to determine productivity and associated costs with precision.

ProjectPartner makes project management tasks easy by providing a system where you can enable automatic logging of project tasks and related costs, as well as generate elaborate trends from available data.


Set Customized Reporting Parameters

ProjectPartner Dashboards are highly customizable with the ability to define reporting parameters according to need. You can enable real-time and manual recording of tasks, bill costs against them, extract data trends in the form of reports and share your data on the fly.

ProjectPartner dashboards with custom reporting

Record Tasks and Bill Costs Automatically with TimeSheets

You can enable recording of tasks by people engaged in a project and bill costs related to them using Timesheets. If hourly entries seem too laborious, you can enable claims to expenses by allowing document attachments and explanatory information from employees, freelancers and contractors.

You can also generate trends based on costs and tasks completed to evaluate the success and profitability of a venture.

ProjectPartner Timesheet feature

Gantt Charts and Project Schedules

You can create project timelines and specify exactly which task is to be completed first by making Gantt charts. This can ensure that all tasks are completed in an orderly manner. Moreover, you can also set a start and end date, to specify a timeline for the task completion.

Project Partner gantt chart

You can request a 30-day trial to try out ProjectPartner and see if you like the available resources for managing your projects. You can find out more about the utility of this service from the developer’s website.

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