PPspliT Add-in Splits PowerPoint Animations into Different Slides

PPspliT is a PowerPoint add-in for splitting slides according to animations. With this simple add-in you can split your animations as a separate slide to get a snapshot of what each step of your presentation will look like.

View Each Step of the Animation as a Different Slide

If you have an animated diagram, such as an animated slide which is revealed in steps, you might be interested in viewing each step of the animation as a single slide to determine how to go about presenting each aspect of your presentation. This is where PPspliT can come in handy.

PowerPoint Split Animation Slides
PowerPoint Split Animation Slides

You might also find this PowerPoint add-in useful if you wish to convert your presentations into PDF format, to reveal each part of the animation in the form of a PDF document.

To get started and split animation slides in PowerPoint, download the PPspliT add-in from the link at the end of this post and enter the password “ppsplit” to unlock the setup file.

PPspliT Setup

Compatibility with PowerPoint Versions

During installation you might get a message that the add-in may not be fully compatible with PowerPoint 2013. The add-in has been designed to work with 32 and 64-bit versions of PowerPoint from version 2002 – 2010. However, during testing we were able to successfully use it with PowerPoint 2013.

PPspliT add-in compatibility

Using PPspliT Add-in

Once installed, you will see the new PPspliT tab in PowerPoint. Open your presentation that you wish to split and check the desired options.

The first option enables split-on click triggered animations and the other can be used to adjust slide numbers. Click Split Animations to split your slides.

PPspliT add-in for PowerPoint
Example of Add-in to Split Animations

You can download this PowerPoint add-in and also see more details about its utility and compatibility from the developer’s website.

Go to Download PPspliT

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