How to create a cookbook PowerPoint presentation with free PPT templates

Creating a cookbook in PowerPoint is possible by using some nice ideas and free recipe PowerPoint templates.

First you can download a free recipe PowerPoint template from this website to be used us a cookbook template.

Then you need to gather some recipes to embed into your slides. In order to find good recipes you can search on Google. For example let’s say that you want to make a good Aji de Gallina (a great Peruvian recipe to taste), then you can gather the ingredients from a cookbook website like this Aji de Gallina recipe wiki. Ají de Gallina (Spanish for chili pepper chicken) is a traditional Peruvian dish which has its roots in the social upheaval of the French Revolution in 1789.

Then you can open PowerPoint and create a new slide for your PowerPoint cookbook presentation.

Depending on the recipe, you won’t have enough space to put the:

  • Recipe picture or image
  • The recipe description
  • Ingredients
  • Recipe Preparation

So you’d need to create multiple slides and separate each different section with different titles.

Finally your presentation slide might look something like this:

aji de gallina

By using recipes cookbook PowerPoint presentation you can delight your guests at a business meeting dinner or meeting of camaraderie.

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