Reasons Why Presentations Are Putting People to Sleep

The following infographic was created by Vivek Singh ( and helps to understand what are the top seven reasons why people fall asleep while attending a presentation.


Source: 7 Tips to Keep your Audience Awake during your Presentation

One of the reasons is about duration. The longer you present, people get tired and loss focus. If this is one of the causes, you can try to cut down your presentation.

Secondarily, he recommends to tell the audience something new in order to avoid them getting asleep. Tell them a new story they have not heard before.

Present with clarity and confidence. Clarity and confidence are not the names of two people. Instead, clarity means to present in a clear way so the audience is able to understand what is the message you are conveying. Confidence will help people to believe in you. Vivek recommends to use less jargon and more examples and stories.

Avoid the dark room or auditorium. Dark rooms are the perfect scenario for people to sleep. Make sure you make your presentations in a bright room instead.

Modulate your voice and move around the stage with energy.

Focus on the audience. How can you help and care about them? How can your presentation make their life easier?

Engage your audience. Ask questions, make them participate. Presentations doesn’t need to be one-way street.

Presentations do not necessarily need to use PowerPoint or slides, instead there are very good presentations that are supported by a speech and body gestures. However, PowerPoint can be used as a presentation support tool and if that is the case then using visually compelling presentations can help to avoid people getting asleep. You can create your PowerPoint slides by yourself or reuse any of the PowerPoint templates here. If you are serious about making business presentations then it worth to subscribe to a professional PowerPoint templates provider like

Visit Infographic: 7 Tips to Keep your Audience Awake during your Presentation

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