Thank You Card Templates For Word

When you get a gift or receive something delightfully unexpected, it is a sign of good manners to sincerely thank the person or company. In this digital age, you can call, text, email, instant message, or even post your ‘Thank you’ on social media. Still, nothing beats the classic and formal way of going through lengths to send a personal Thank You card.

Here, we are showing you two Thank You Card Templates for Word that you can use to show your appreciation whether you are in a business, school, organization, or a personal setting. These thank you card templates are designed to be simple yet beautiful to send your warm thanks to the sender of a gift or a doer of a good deed.

Sincerely Handwritten Thank You

While you cannot hand write all your Thank You note messages, you can make your note recipients still feel your sincerity with this beautiful Thank You card template.


This Administrative Thank You Card Template for Word looks professional and is perfect for the corporate and even school administrative setting.


This is great for thanking fundraising backers, as well as volunteers, especially if you have tried raising funds for a cause or simply want to send your thanks to a group of people, such as company suppliers and even customers.

This template features a formal presentation card design that is already laid out to fit a standard letter-sized paper. This Thank You card allows you to simply customize the message, add your logo and name, print as many copies as you need, and then just fold the paper crosswise to form a card.

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Send Flowers in the Form of Thanks

If serious and corporate is not your style, you can send your warmest thanks not in the form of expensive flowers but with Thank Your cards that have beautiful flowers in full bloom. This Flower Design Thank You Card Template for Word has a beautiful image of pink flowers that equates to sending real flowers to show your appreciation.


This template is designed to be versatile enough for all occasions, such as saying Thank you for gifts received for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even a baby shower.

Thank you card for Word

You can also easily customize the message to give it your own personal style and to make your message more heartfelt. Furthermore, like the template above, this thank you card template is free to download.

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