Profit And Loss Template For Excel Online

A Profit and Loss Statement is a type of financial document that most companies usually create to summarize the revenues, costs and expenses incurred over a period of time, which is typically within a fiscal quarter or year. Also called an income or income and loss statement, this financial document shows the company’s high level executives, or investors and stakeholders, the ability of the company to generate profit by reducing costs and increasing profit.

Beautiful Profit And Loss Statement with Chart

Create Profit And Loss Statements With Ease

This template is typically complicated and can be time-consuming to complete. To create an impressive report with visual data as well can take hours, if not days. Good thing the Microsoft Office portal has a convenient template for this. The Profit and Loss Template for Excel Online is a handy template that you can use to create attractive and highly informative profit and loss statements for your company.

Since this is an Excel Online template, you can open this through any browser simply by logging into your Microsoft account. You can modify the template from there or save the template to your computer.

Automatically Display How Much Your Company is Earning

Record Your Operation Expense

The Profit and Loss Template for Excel Online is a template that you can use to record your Revenue and come up with your Gross Profit. You can also record your Operation Expenses such as Salaries and Wages, Depreciation, Rent, Office Supplies, Utilities, Telephone, Insurance, Travel, Maintenance, and many other expenses specific to your industry and business. The template automatically adds your Total Operation Expenses. From these data, you can also come up with Income from Operations, Interest Income (Expenses), Income Before Income Taxes, Income Tax Expense, and Net Income.

Show Your Gross Profit and Operational Expenses Over the Fiscal Year

With this template, you can see if you are spending too much on operational expenses that you are not profiting as much as you should. You can also see which expenses you can decrease, or create marketing strategies in order to increase your revenues.

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