Timeline SmartArt Diagram Template For PowerPoint Online

Timelines play a key role in telling an otherwise long story using a short, highly visual manner. Timelines can be applied in school, for discussing scientific events or phenomenon occurring over eras or years. It can also be used in school for discussing history lessons, and many other subjects. In business, timelines are important in determining time-bound tasks and deadlines.

Show Events in History or Progression in Projects in Timeline Format

Create SmartArt Timelines by Editing Sample Timelines

If you are creating a PowerPoint Presentation and you want to show a timeline, then you can use this Timelines SmartArt Diagram Template for PowerPoint Online. This template contains a ready-made timeline using a SmartArt arrow shape to convey a continuing event or process. The arrows SmartArt shape contains dots along it to convey or mark specific events through time.

This template contains a single slide that you can duplicate to show a longer timeline across many slides. This Timeline SmartArt diagram template also features a standard, universal design so you can use it for many purposes, or presentation topics.

Standard Timeline Template Using SmartArt Diagram

Create Timelines for Any Type of Presentation Topic

You can use this template for your history project or to depict events over an observable time period for your science project, that is if you are a student or a teacher. You can also use this if you are a project manager and you want to show your team or your client the tasks that you want to complete over a given time before the project deadline.

If you are in manufacturing, you can also use this timeline template to show the processes a particular product goes through. In film or other similar endeavors, you can also use this template to show the progression of your storyline, or how you want to complete the film. The template presents many opportunities and applications.

Easily Customizable Presentation for All Your Topics and Preferences

You can make this standard timeline template your own by taking advantage of easy personalization features which you can always find in most PowerPoint templates, whether online or offline.

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