Sales Revenue

Seasonal Sales Chart Template For Excel


As a company involved in selling products or services, your lifeblood depends on how effective your sales team is. You have to always be abreast on their performance over time and the tools they use to pitch and close a sale. However, you can’t always effectively sell your products or services, as seasons can also dictate …

Profit And Loss Template For Excel Online

Easily Customize With Your Own Preferences Using Tips and Guides

A Profit and Loss Statement is a type of financial document that most companies usually create to summarize the revenues, costs and expenses incurred over a period of time, which is typically within a fiscal quarter or year. Also called an income or income and loss statement, this financial document shows the company’s high level …

Yearly Sales Plan Templates For PowerPoint

Multiple Layouts to Help You Prepare a Killer Sales Presentation

Being involved in a company wherein its revenues are largely based on sales, it is important to have a sales plan and to conduct regular sales reports to show your colleagues, bosses and other internal departments where you stand in terms of your performance and how much you or your team brings in to the …

Simple Sales Receipt Template For Word in One Page

Professionally Designed Sales Receipt in One Page

When you’re a business establishment providing sales of products or services to your customers, you know that a sales receipt is important for many reasons. A sales receipt is important in recording the purchases of your customers and for other sales-related information. 

Create a PowerPoint Chart that Show Trends

Trends can help to visualize the big picture while looking at a 12-months sales chart or Year-to-Date chart  in accounting or financial PowerPoint presentations, but other sectors or topics of interest will also benefit from trends. In PowerPoint & Excel we can create charts and display trendlines as well as moving average lines by certain …