Production Line Isometric PowerPoint Template

If you need to make a presentation about manufacturing, production line, production processes, factory workers or mechanized production, Production Line Isometric PowerPoint Template is probably the best template for your presentation endeavours. This template is a part of the Isometric PowerPoint Templates by Presenter Media.

Amazing Isometric Slides with Production Themed Animations

The three dimensional perspective that the audience gets from an isometric template makes the layout that much better and with the amazing assembly line animations in this template, it’s a must have for anyone who needs to make presentations related to manufacturing and production.

Production line isometric PowerPoint template

Animation of Moving Package Across an Assembly Line

There are various animations in this template which play out on mouse click. For example, the below image shows a slide which comes with an animation of a package moving across an assembly line where there are different workers standing next to the conveyor belt. The package moves a little further each time you click. Moreover, there is space for adding text, where each part of the text appears as the package proceeds towards the checkout point.

Moving package animation

Similarly, there are many other animations where packages are shown moving across production lines, with workers and robots shown working in the production process.

Robots on assembly line

Create Timelines, Process Diagrams and Infographics

The sample content in slides gives enough scope for making timelines, infographics and process diagrams (among other types of slides). You can make use of the textboxes to explain your presentation topic and even add additional content to customize existing isometric layouts.

Isometric timeline slide design

Isometric Assembly Line Clipart

There are various isometric clipart images which are in line with the central theme of the presentation. You can use these clipart images to customize existing slides or new slides that you might have added to your presentation.

Go to Presenter Media – Production Line Isometric PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Production Line Isometric PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Production clipart

Conveyor Belt Clipart

This is a simple static clipart of a conveyor belt. You can grab this clipart in different image formats and resolutions.

Go to Presenter Media – Conveyor Belt Clipart

Conveyor belt clipart

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