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Last updated on September 22nd, 2023

Over the years we have been covering many premium and free PowerPoint background graphics and presentation templates, animations and clipart images from Presenter Media. The neatly crafted layouts and amazing designs always make Presenter Media’s content stand out from other third-party websites, as the graphics are high-quality, with interesting animations. In a recent move, Presenter Media has rolled out its range of presentation content with isometric graphics.

To put it in simple words, you can create presentations with Keynote  and PowerPoint templates, animations and clipart, with powerful graphics representing three dimensions of an object with parallel lines. The impact of such graphics is eye-catching, as isometric drawings can help you to easily draw the attention of your audience towards specific aspects of your slides. Hence, adding an isometric perspective with such templates might just give you the edge as a presenter and that too by simply editing readymade templates.

Isometric illustrations and PowerPoint templates

Animated Isometric PowerPoint Templates

There are a number of isometric PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint graphics that you can currently download at Presenter Media, such as this real estate themed template shown below. This template is available for Keynote and PowerPoint with a range of isometric sample slides with placeholders. You can create a very impressive housing, real estate or sales related presentation by simply adding text, images, charts and other relevant information to the sample slide designs given in this isometric template. This template can be used not only as a conventional presentation template but also for making infographic slides.

Go to Presenter Media – Real Estate Isometrics PowerPoint Template

Isometric PowerPoint template with Real Estate text

Similarly, this is a school theme isometric template which is perfect for presentation topics related to education. This animated template contains movable objects with illustrations of teachers, lecture rooms with students, school busses and vehicles, as well as school related sample clipart images.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated School Isometrics PowerPoint Template

School isometric PowerPoint template with a City and School visualization

Isometric Clipart

The below church clipart is one of many isometric clipart designs that you can download in JPG or PNG format in different resolutions. Moreover, you can also fetch isometric images with a white or transparent background.

Go to Presenter Media – Church Forward Isometric Clipart

Isometric church clipart for PowerPoint presentations

You can also download a range of isometric clipart from Presenter Media. The available content includes isometric illustrations of buildings, vehicles, people, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Touring Couch Bus Isometric Clipart

Isometric coach clipart Bus for PowerPoint

Want to browse and download more isometric PowerPoint templates and clipart? Sign up for a Presenter Media subscription. With a Presenter Media subscription you can get access to an unlimited archive of presentation content. New content is added to the existing collection quite frequently and the editing features of various clipart and video backgrounds enable you to tweak content before it is downloaded.

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