Animated Clipart

Download free & premium animated clipart and PowerPoint animations for your presentations with stunning graphics and moving backgrounds that can help you to impress your audience. Alternatively you can download other free smiley faces for PowerPoint and pictures to decorate your slides.

Best Shark Silhouettes for PowerPoint Presentations

Best Shark Silhouettes for PowerPoint Presentations

While the earliest known sharks lived 420 million years ago, it was the Steven Spielberg classic that made sharks popular. But not mostly in a good way! Since then sharks have been one of the most famous fish in pop culture. Sharks as a theme have been associated with danger and even used as cute …

Best Stick Figures Running Clipart For PowerPoint

businessmen race static clipart

Stick figure clipart is a good way of incorporating some visual appeal in presentations. Stick figures are simple, yet expressive enough to help presenters create slides that are meaningful and easy to grasp. The following includes clipart depicting stick figures running. These animated and static clipart images are suitable for a wide range of presentation …

Animated Business Clipart For PowerPoint

Business clipart is always useful for making most types of formal presentations. Interestingly, presenters often miss a trick by relying on static images when they can do so much more by using animated clipart. We have compiled a collection of some animated Business clipart for PowerPoint which can help you make your slides more interesting.

Convert SlideShare Presentations To GIF Animations With GIFDeck

GIF animations have been notoriously popular in perpetuating memes across social media websites. That’s not all! GIFs can also be a good way of promoting products and services by making something eye-catching and witty enough to grab the attention of potential clients.

PowerPoint Animation Maker Templates & Tools

Animations add a whole new perspective to PowerPoint presentations. Presentations with animations are not only more attention grabbing but can help convey the user’s perspective with great ease. Previously, we showed you how to make your own animated clipart. Similarly, we have also covered hundreds of Animated PowerPoint Templates which can help you create stunning …

How To Create Animated Clipart in PowerPoint

You might have used clipart by searching through Office clipart or by downloading it from various online sources. Mostly, clipart images are available as static images, whereas some websites like Presenter Media also offer animated GIFs which can be used as animated clipart items in presentations. However, with a little bit of effort you can …

PowerPoint Arrow Templates And Clipart For Presentations

Arrows are often used for demonstrating the idea of reaching a goal or to show performance charts during presentations. Below is a compilation of some arrow themed PowerPoint templates and clipart for making business, finance, sports and performance related presentations.

Perfect Animated Clipart For Presentations About Business And Work

Admiring hard work of your employees or presenting them with a motivational idea during a presentation can be effectively done using clipart. And what’s even better than clipart is animated clipart. Let’s take a look at some perfect animated clipart for making presentations about business, office and work in general. These clipart animations can be …

Cool Pictures And Smiley Face Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Smiley faces are always a good way of bringing up some smiles and lightening up the mode. In fact, smiley faces can also be an effective tool in cheering up your audience during a PowerPoint Presentation. If you are looking for some nice animated smiley face clipart, then below are a few animated smileys and …

Challenges And Hurdles PowerPoint Graphics For Presentations

Overcoming challenges and hurdles is a major part of all business ventures and being a business professional you might have to translate this in a presentation. While you can use various Business PowerPoint Templates to show your point of view, sometimes something outside the box works just as good. If you are looking for some …