Picture Frames With Text For PowerPoint

When you are dealing with pictures and text in your presentations, it’s not enough to just insert them in your slides. Sometimes, you can spruce up your pictures even more by being creative and using frames or borders and other effects to make them stand out.


Picture Frames with Text for PowerPoint is a professionally designed template that is free to download and use for all your presentations. This free standalone template features a versatile and neutral gray gradient background. Overlaid on it are two frames that show nature-inspired images. Bordered in these frames are text placeholders that you can click on to type your own text.

This template is perfect for any kind of presentation. You can easily customize this template to suit your theme, branding, or topic. You can use this template for presentations about tourism, photography, art, design, and more.


This template features a light grey gradient background. There’s also the Frames with Picture, which has a nature background that beautifully sets off against the background. With such a picture-themed frame, you can highlight whatever image you want in the frame.

You can use this template for work, your organization, or for personal use. If you have an event, this template is perfect for showcasing your event photos. It can also be great for product photos, or even for displaying amenities and features of hospitality properties, such as resorts or hotels.


You can also insert text inside the frames in order to emphasize your points or to list things in your presentations. You can copy and paste the frames if you need to list more than two things in a slide. Then, just copy and paste the slide to your existing presentation or you can just create a new slideshow straight from the template.

This template is great for many purposes, and it can easily be customized to suit your preferences. You can also upload this slide template to your OneDrive account so you have it with you all the time for easy retrieval straight off the cloud.

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