Web Camera

The posts in this section useful guides that provide you with recommended apps and services that you can use for making good use of your web camera.

Find out all about how to use your web camera for delivering online presentations, webinars, recording screencasts and making tutorials.

Personify: Deliver Online Presentations As If You Are Really There

Over the years presentations have extended their functionality from the real world to the virtual world. This means that people are increasingly focusing on virtual presentations that can be delivered via the internet, either real-time or in recorded format. However, an online presentation can often be deprived of the necessary body language and persuasive gestures …

How to turn your Smartphone in a Webcam to Deliver Online Meetings and Presentations

You can start your meeting and presentations online. It’s easy now. Share presentation, make presentations and update spreadsheets—on your screen—anytime, with anyone, anywhere. It has turned easy with iWebcamera. Meet online with partners, customers, and co-workers. Have the liberty to start online meeting instantly or plan your meetings in advance also invite individuals for conferencing. Share …