Essentials for Teaching and Homeschooling During COVID 19 Pandemic

teaching in times of covid 19

Amidst the breakout of the global Coronavirus pandemic, one of the first casualties has been educational institutes. Many have given early vacations, while others have been finding ways to provide homeschooling to cater for the needs of students. As the battle for a cure intensifies, so does the need for adopting homeschooling for the foreseeable …

Video Conferencing in Times of Coronavirus [2020]

video conferencing in times of coronavirus 2020

A decade back video conferencing and remote meetings were more of a luxury and many people were finding their feet when it came to remote meetings. However, in the times of the Coronavirus, video conferencing is now a daily routine for people around the world, as Work from Home (WFH) and remote PowerPoint presentations becomes the …

Using Bomgar to Present Your PowerPoint Slides Remotely


Bomgar is a remote assistance software which provides the utility for administrators to connect to remote computers, tablets and smartphones to provide instant tech support. While Bomgar is by and large a remote support and remote assistance software, it also has a lot of utility for presenters, including a presentation-only interface.

Playing PowerPoint SlideShow in a Small Window instead of Full Screen

Originally PowerPoint was intended to be used for presenting PowerPoint slideshows in a projector, but time was changed and nowadays we can see other uses of PowerPoint presentations. For example, you may see that PowerPoint is used for presenting online webinars or training employees remotely using TeamViewer, GoView or GoToMeeting software, but you can also use PowerPoint …