Origin PowerPoint Template

Nothing is as simple as going back to the basics. Clean lines, crisp white backgrounds, and unobtrusive design elements bring the focus to your content and keep it there slide after slide. The Origin PowerPoint Template is the perfect example of going back to basics but still remaining to achieve an interesting and very professional look to any presentation.


This free simple template is also general purpose, which means you can use it for many kinds of presentations for business, school, or personal slideshows. And because of its universal look and appeal, it can be reused as many times that you need it. Simply customize the template to suit your theme or topic.

Basic Yet Versatile

To get started on your own Origin themed presentation, just modify the preset Title Slide that contains text placeholders for the title and subtitle. Then, add more slides by clicking on New Slide on the Home menu in the Ribbon. From here, you can choose from a wide array of coordinating slide layouts that will give your presentation a cohesive and professional look.

Furthermore, you can easily add tables, graphs, charts, images, and SmartArt by clicking on the predefined slides. This allows you to create compelling and visually interesting slideshows in half the time compared to creating one from scratch.


Easily Customizable to Suit Every Need

You can also customize the template by going to the Design menu in the Ribbon. You can format the background to change the background colors or add patterns and textures to your slides. You can also go ahead and change other design elements such as font styles and font colors, as well as insert your logos in every slide to further personalize this template.

This template also provides easy accessibility even if you are on the go or not on your desk. This is because this Origin PowerPoint template is in PowerPoint Online. This allows you to access the template using any computer or any mobile device such as tablet or smartphone.


The PowerPoint Online Template can be accessed and modified just by logging into your Microsoft account in your browser. Alternatively, you also have the option to save the template to your computer or device and edit it offline from there.

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