Weekly Task List Template For Excel Online

Juggling many things at the same time can be very difficult. Whether you are at home as a parent, in school as a student, or at work as an employee or business owner, it is important to be organized with your schedule and tasks so that you can be on top of your game in whatever you do.


To help you with keeping track of all your weekly deliverables. You can use this reliable and convenient Weekly Task List Template for Excel Online. This Weekly Task List Template is your perfect companion for everything you want or plan to do and accomplish week after week.

This Excel template is perfect for anyone, from students to business owners. This is because the template can be easily customizable to suit their unique needs, such as homework, tasks, chores, or project milestones.

The template features a table that has columns neatly separated into days of the week, starting from Monday. Each column header also has a corresponding date under it. There is also a column for your categories, in this case the sample category is composed of subjects. You can customize this by changing the categories, for example, into team names, tasks, time and many others.


You can also plot your schedule by typing notes and tasks on the separate Task List worksheet tab, which will be automatically reflected on the Weekly Task Schedule table. This way, you can easily see at a glance which day will be packed and which day will give you more free time to work in other things. You can even color-code the fonts or boxes and assign specific legends to give you a better way to keep track of various aspects of your weekly activities. A Weekly Task List such as this will allow you to better manage your time and give adequate attention to live a more well-balanced work and personal life week after week.


This Excel Online Template has a clean, fuss-free layout that can also allow you to clearly view the whole task list table even from your tablet or smartphone. You also have the option to save the task list template to your device and keep it updated offline, or even have the modified template printed out for your reference.

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