Optimizing Product Images for Your Online Shop with Fotor

Many small business owners require doing a lot of the heavy lifting on their own. This might include everything from tracking the inventory, processing sales to social media management. A big part of managing an online business is to optimize images for the website, Facebook page or the market place you’re using to sell your products. This is where a lot of people can find it hard to create and optimize product images due to lack of image editing skills. A solution for this can be to use apps that make such tasks easier. A good example of such an application is Fotor.

There are a number of ways by which you can optimize images using Fotor, as it is essentially an online photo editor. Furthermore, you can use many of its nifty features such as the background remover to remove the background of an image. Fotor is available via the web, as well as through apps for Windows, Mac iOS and Android.

Edit a Photo, Create a Collage or Make New Designs

With Fotor you can edit photos, create a collage or a completely new design with the help of its ready-made templates. You can also process images in batch using the Batch function in Fotor.

It not only allows creating banners, posters, vouchers, and other types of marketing material but also enables you to optimize your images.

Optimizing Product Images for Your Online Shop with Fotor

Optimizing Product Images using Fotor

You can create a free account and login to pick a template that suits your need. Alternatively, you can begin editing existing images using Fotor.

You can add effects, insert text, adjust and crop images, as well as remove background, add frames and more.

Once your image is ready, you can export it in various image formats according to your desired resolution. Fotor supports a number of image formats for exporting your photos including; JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF.

Touch Up Images with Fotor

Fotor’s Touch up feature provides quick and easy options to optimize your images by removing blemishes, wrinkles, smoothing out parts of the image or cloning areas to cover up parts of the image you want to hide. You can also add makeup effects, reshape images and perform red-eye removal.

Making a Collage using Fotor

Fotor also provides a collage maker which provides presets for making collages. You can pick a preset, add images to it and export your collage. These photo collages can also help you showcase your products for your online shop.

Process Photos in Batch

You can also process photos in batch. The batch conversion options allow you to add effects, rename images, add frames, and convert images to another format.

Batch Convert

Creating Product Images with Readymade Templates

You can choose between various templates to create stunning graphics with your product images. There are optimized templates available at Fotor for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as for creating product vouchers, posters, company logos, etc. Fotor can easily serve as your Facebook or Twitter post or cover maker, Etsy banner maker, your product slideshow creator and even a voucher maker for your products.

Fotor Templates

Once you have picked a template, you can simply edit the content and add your own images and text to create and optimize the product image. You can then download it for use across your website, social media accounts, as an onscreen slideshow for your shop, etc.

Fotor Banner Maker

Fotor is a comprehensive image manipulation platform which can help you in creating and Optimizing Product Images for Your Online Shop. Fotor is quite easy to use and you can even use it if you are new to photo editing or lack photo editing skills.

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