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Nowadays, businesses are eagerly looking to acquire better online collaboration features to streamline the corporate workflow. This is why many free and paid web services are looking to provide better functionality for online collaboration and the management of projects. This includes everything from the provision of complex CRMs to cloud accounting services, which are making applications like MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, obsolete. Recently, the famous cloud storage service has introduced some nifty online collaboration features, which can help take your corporate collaboration and team management to the next level.


Turn Comments into Tasks

Now you can mention your co-workers in comments and assign your collaborators a task. For example, you can invite collaborators to a folder and use the comment mention feature to mention collaborators in comments. This sends an email to the mentioned collaborator so that he/she may be made aware of an assigned task, project follow up, etc.

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Post Comments Using Email

If you have ever found it tedious to respond to comments, then you will find the improved commenting options in Box to be quite convenient. Now you can reply to a comment email from Box and post your response to the notification. Furthermore, you can even posts replies by using your mobile’s email client.

collaboration powerpoint

Box Edit

You can now edit files from within preview pages using Box Edit. This tool is available for Windows and Mac OS X computers and helps you to make quick changes and save content to your account. To use this handy tool, follow the steps given below:

  1. Install Box Edit for your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Run the installer and restart your browser.
  3. The “Edit File” option will become available for compatible files.  Click the “Edit File” button to edit the selected file in your native desktop applications.

box edit applications

Edit options appears under More Actions, and using these actions you can for example send the presentation files with Gmail or any other image using tools like Aviary or desktop applications. Send to Chatter is also available as well as Sign with DocuSign. You can also add more applications.

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