introducing new Metro interface plus 7Gb free space

Recently we learned about the new and the Metro interface. Today we can see that other related products like SkyDrive are also introducing the Metro interface. SkyDrive is the cloud storage service from Microsoft that offers free 7Gb. cloud storage space for their users. Metro

The interface allows to do all the operations available in the old interface, but as you can see the look and feel is quite differently now. Aside Metro interface, the UI is more AJAX style than the old one. You can drag and drop your files directly from the File Explorer or do drag and drop operations with the boxes that appears in the page.

If you are uploading folders in SkyDrive, be aware that you can’t do that by dragging and dropping from your File Explorer in Windows.

SkyDrive is a free alternative to Dropbox and offering 7Gb. free space, while other services offers different amount of available space in the cloud. recently announced that they will be offering 25Gb free space so the battle for the cloud storage market share is here.