Alternatives for Personal Cloud Storage Online

Either if you need to save your PowerPoint presentations in the cloud or any other personal file in a cloud storage, here we will show you some alternatives that you can use to upload and share files online, as well as using the online storage to save your files in the cloud.

Saving your files in the cloud have some benefits, one of the benefits is that you can access the file anywhere without bothering if your computer gets broken or need to reformat it.

DropBox – Online Cloud Storage

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. You can get paid plans with some extra features but the free plan let you to save files in the cloud and access there anywhere. It is great for example if you want to save your PowerPoint presentations in the cloud and access the files with your smartphone while you are ready to start the presentation. However, you can get a limited space in the cloud (a few Gb.) enough to save lot of photos and files for free.

Go to Dropbox (Get 2Gb. cloud storage for free!)


It’s more than just an ordinary file hosting site in the cloud, has the features you need to upload, download, manage and share your images, videos, documents and more with ease in an online personal cloud storage. It’s the way all file hosting sites should be.

storage online

Go to UploadingIt


It’s ok to break up with Dropbox is the first quote that you can find in InSync website. This is an alternative to Dropbox that offer a tool to access Google Docs and Google Storage files easily.

Go to InSync

Windows SkyDrive – Microsoft Personal Cloud Space

Microsoft has its own cloud storage service under the name Skydrive. You can access SkyDrive with any Hotmail or Windows Live Mail account. When you get access to SkyDrive you can save photos in the cloud as well as any other Office document including PowerPoint ppt files, Word, Excel, and more. Learn more about sharing files in Skydrive.

Google – Online Storage

Even Google has its own service for online storage. You can purchase online space to store your Picasa Web pictures, Google Docs, and even more.

Alternatives for personal cloud storage

Go to Google Storage

Next time you need to save PowerPoint files in the cloud maybe you can consider using any of these tools or you can also download our free PowerPoint templates and begin to make your presentations today.