Mockups with Twitter Bootstrap UI

Making mockups is ever easier with Twitter Bootstrap UI that the people of Keynotopia prepared in the free Twitter Bootstrap GUI for PowerPoint (.ppt), Keynote (.key) and LibreOffice (.odp)

Free Twitter Bootstrap UI Mockup Templates lets you prototype Bootstrap-based apps using a presentation editor. This can help to boost your UX Design process and prototyping by using well known applications and keeping it simple. The templates contains vector UI components that have been designed from scratch in Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress and are fully editable. You can customize the components to match your own design and make realistic prototypes for your apps without needing any additional design tools.

twitter bootstrap

In order to use the templates, you need to download the free .zip from Keynotopia. Once you checkout ($0.00) you can get the .zip in your computer. Inside the archive you will find a few presentation files .key, .ppt, or .odp. Open the template with your favorite presentation tool and then add new slides for each interface screen. You can also open two separated presentations and copy and paste or reuse slides from one into the other.

You can copy the components from one slide into another one and make the UI interactive. For example, if you use Action buttons you can link the presentation between different slides and add some kind of interactivity.

You can then test it, export the presentation to HTML before you are ready to show the final UX design to the team.

twitter bootstrap powerpoint

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