Nature Ecology Photo Presentation Template For PowerPoint

With climate change and sudden reports of natural catastrophes befalling countries the world over, environmental issues have become more of a hot topic. If you are someone who needs to create environment or nature themed presentations to raise environmental awareness or to ask for support for an ecological cause, then you would find this template very helpful.

Nature-Inspired Layout for Widescreen Presentations

This Nature Ecology Photo Presentation Template is a PowerPoint 2013 template that you can use to remind your audience about the beauty of nature and why it needs to be preserved and protected. This PowerPoint template is created for widescreen format presentations and can still be used in earlier PowerPoint versions.

The Nature Ecology Photo Presentation Template has a clean, uncluttered layout that allows you to clearly present your information. The template contains 12 slides that you can mix and match as well as customize for your own presentation needs and preferences.

Multiple Layout Options for Your Presentation

The template starts off with a cover slide that contains your presentation title. It also contains a number of photos about nature that will help you introduce what your topic is all about. The succeeding templates are designed to have various layouts and formats so you can show visual data in the form of charts, graphs, tables and diagrams. It is up to you to rearrange the slide templates according to how you want your presentation flow to be.

Widescreen Display for Beautiful Nature-Inspired Photos

This template is standardized for any nature-inspired presentation, whether for school, work, or non-profit organizations. With this template, you can create convincing presentations about environmental problems, pollution, climate change, global warming, or ecological imbalance. For business, this template can be used for parks, or presenting environmental or community programs and social responsibility activities. The template can also suit those in the tourism, farming, natural resources, and other industries concerning many aspects of nature.

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