Microsoft Teams For Office 365 Brings A Chat Based Workspace

Organizations today have needs and demands that have been transformed by technology and trends. There is now a bigger need for collaboration and instant communication that traditional means just can’t easily provide. This is where Microsoft Teams makes a difference.

Today, employees work together with various devices and different modes of interaction, such as instant message or chat, email, text, and app-based methods. This can make working together more complicated than it once was. In this case, technology can’t in fact make things more convenient; it makes working together as teams and in projects so much more counterproductive.

Microsoft Teams Provides Collaboration Solutions for the Workplace

In every organization, success is spelled with t-e-a-m. And as with any project that is the lifeblood of almost every enterprise, teamwork and collaboration plays a big part throughout every phase—and even before it begins.

This is why Microsoft is making collaboration and communication so much easier in the enterprise setting as it unveils Microsoft Teams, an all-new chat-based online workspace under the Office 365 umbrella. With Teams, people are seamlessly brought together, along with conversations, ideas, tools, and content.

Built from the ground up, Teams is Microsoft’s response to the high and ever-growing demand for chat-based and online interactions. With Teams, you can get quick and secure access to all your team’s content: files, messages, tools, contacts, and more. And since it’s in Office 365, you can take it with you wherever you go using any computer or mobile device.

Integrated with all of Microsoft’s Office applications, you enjoy convenience as you work on projects, files, presentations, and other information crucial to your success. Skype, SharePoint, and OneNote are seamlessly integrated for easy access. You can even customize your Teams workspace depending on your group’s needs. This brings less chances of miscommunication or going around looking for important files and data.

Microsoft Teams Ups Productivity for Organizations and Individuals

Because Teams provides a single place for everything you need for your team and projects, it helps you become more productive. As a chat-based app, you can talk to your whole team, to individual team members, or even switch from one team to another, even when you’re not in your office. This ensures you and your team stay connected to each other and that your team is on top of the project in real time.

Meetings can also be held easily, just as if you’re all together in one room. One-on-one to group meetings can be held very easily right within Teams. Emails, files, and searches can also be easily posted right within the group to always keep everyone abreast.

Another great feature that Teams has is security. Working in an organization, with high-level information, can often put you at risk if you’re not working within platforms you can trust. Information breaches, hacks, and even plain data loss can turn things around quickly for a project that could otherwise be on its way to success. With Teams, you also get top-notch Microsoft-grade security and compliance features. Data is encrypted at all times and there are even multi-level and multi-factor authentication measures to protect your team’s identity and your precious enterprise data.

Make the Most of Microsoft’s Universal Tools with Teams

With Teams, you open up your group to one of today’s widest range of collaboration and productivity tools so that you can run your enterprise on the go and anywhere in the world. Gone are traditional methods that can tend to be counter-productive and leave much to be desired in this digital age. You can design Teams based on your unique working style and organization, as well as your unique project needs.

All the applications that you choose for your specific group within Teams is integrated to maximize collaboration and productivity. Everything you need for your project or your company is in one place, and you can easily talk to your team or to one person without having to leave Teams.

You can get started on Microsoft Teams by enabling it through the Office 365 admin center. You can also download Microsoft Teams for various devices including; Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Windows Phone.

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