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There are many benefits to keeping a to-do list. Aside from helping you remember important reminders and tasks, it can make you get more things done. This is because to-do lists help you focus on your priorities and many successful professionals and tycoons swear by it.

Today, to-do lists have jumped from paper and onto the digital sphere as many to-do list apps are being developed and launched. The demand for these productivity and task management apps has grown, as they are useful in many ways. From personal daily tasks to company-wide operational goals; to-do-lists are helping people steer towards success. However, not all to-do lists are built the same. Microsoft has created an all-new task management app called Microsoft To Do that revolutionizes the way people prioritize and accomplish their tasks.

Get More Done with Microsoft To-Do

Made by the team behind the stellar Wunderlist app, Microsoft To Do is one nifty app that packs a punch to help you get things done. To-Do offers a smarter, more intuitive experience as you get organized and go over your daily task so you can definitely make the most out of your time all the time.

From work to play, in your house or in the office, you can easily organize and sort through your various tasks so you can be sure that you’re getting things done and not leaving anything behind.

It makes it so much easier and simpler to plan your day, whether you’re off to the daily grind in your office, out in school, or just at home. The app combines a beautiful, seamless and stress-free design along with a smooth interface and intelligent technology so you can start the day relaxed and focused. To-Do allows you to organize your tasks and prioritize the most important or the most urgent activities so they get done.

It is also powered by Microsoft Office 365, so you can make the most of Microsoft’s latest releases. This allows you to get more done as you go over different Office apps. For example, Microsoft To Dos integration with Outlook allows you to access your Outlook tasks with To Do. This allows you to work on your emails and messages, as well as tasks, from anywhere. Your Outlook tasks can be automatically synced with Microsoft To Do so you can switch apps and devices without skipping a beat.

Personal and Professional Tasks Done with Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To Do makes it easier to manage your tasks, whether they are errands, deadlines, meetings, or more. After listing your task, you can categorize and color-code them according to your

Planning your day, for one, is so much simpler so you can focus on actually completing what you set out to do for the day. And if there’s anything you haven’t done the day before, it’s easy to carry these over for completion the following day.

You can choose your own ideal time for planning your day. For example, every morning, your My Day list opens as soon as you start the app. It shows you a clean slate for planning. What sets To Do apart, however, is Intelligent Suggestions. By clicking on the bulb icon, you open up suggestions based on To Dos special algorithms so you can also prioritize your daily tasks.

With Intelligent Suggestions, you can see what else you could be missing in your plans. Intelligent Suggestions intuitively shows you to-dos from the previous day, see what else is due and upcoming. This way, you can just tap on the suggestions and carry them over to get done on My Day.

Be Empowered to Make the Most of Every Day

Microsoft To Do also lets you keep track of your tasks and deadlines. You can add reminders, alarms, and notes to your tasks. You can also make lists for everything: groceries, travel, chores, movies, homework, projects, the list is endless. There are even themes and colors to help you personalize each list so you can distinguish one list easily and quickly from the other.

Aside from making to-do lists, To Do can also be used for note-taking. Whether you’re in a lecture, a seminar, a meeting, or simply are brainstorming, it can be easily used for anything you want to keep tabs on quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, because tasks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even a yearly basis, it is easy to get the most out of your day and be organized for the times ahead. You can even schedule recurring due dates for regular tasks and routine goals so you don’t miss anything as you go about your busy days.

With Microsoft To Do, you can make every area of your life productive. The app encourages you to organize your tasks according to frequency, date, or priority. You can also categorize your tasks and make as many lists that you need to fit your lifestyle.

Microsoft To Do is free to download and use. You can get started with giving your life a more productive boost by downloading the app for Windows, Mac or Android.

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