Medical Brochure Template For PowerPoint Online

If you are working in the medical, health and pharmaceutical industry, you may find yourself needing a way to market or promote your product, brand or business. For this, you would need to create eye-catching, compelling and fully informative brochures.

Expertly Designed and Laid Out Medical Brochure

The Medical Brochure Template for PowerPoint Online is a professionally designed and laid out template that is hugely helpful in making potential customers aware about what you have to offer. This brochure template is medical or health related so it is perfect for business, sales, medical subjects, and other similar topics.

Easy Access and Sharing Features

Since this is a PowerPoint Online Template, you can easily edit and customize it anywhere using your mobile devices or computer. All you have to do is to log in to your OneDrive account on your browser and access the free template from there. Another benefit of this online template is that sharing and collaboration is easy. If you are using this template for spreading awareness about a medical cause, you can use this template for sharing within your social network.

Sample Text and Images to Help You Customize Your Brochure

This medical brochure template is tri-fold, allowing you to include as much information as you can without overcrowding the pages with text. It has the perfect balance of white space, text, photos and images so it remains interesting while highlighting the right information throughout its six pages.

Expertly Designed Brochure for Free

As part of the template, there is a mailing portion that allows you to easily fold and send out the brochure, making this perfect if you are into sales, insurance or public health awareness.

Clean, Streamlined and Beautiful Theme and Layout

The template also contains space for your company’s logo, description, and mission statement. In the inner pages of the brochure, you can see how your brochure will look through the sample text and images that you can easily customize for your own content. There is also space for contact information if your potential customers or readers decides to buy something or if they want to know more about your company and product offerings.

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