Simple Brochure Templates for PowerPoint

Designing Brochures can be a heavy task if we are not a professional designer  or computer savvy. However, using PowerPoint and the brochures templates online we can design easily simple brochures in PowerPoint.

brochures ppt

To access free brochures templates for PowerPoint we can start designing our own brochure design or download free brochures from Office website. We can also start designing a PowerPoint presentation from the templates gallery by going to the File menu, then New -> Office Templates and then entering “brochures” in the search textbox. However, not all the brochures from Office appear in the search results if we use this approach.

Business Brochure PowerPoint Templates

For example, if we want to download a free business brochure for our organization then we can use it to promote our business in this professionally-designed tri-fold brochure template. You can fill the company information and personalize the template by adding your logo to the slide design and replacing the images. Then you can also change the colors using built-in themes. This is designed for printed version and to be self-mailer. To download simple brochures PowerPoint templates go to Office website and then look for brochures or booklets. Once you find a brochure PPT template that you like, go to Download button and then the PPT download process will start. Now you can open the .pptx or .ppt file in your computer and start editing the brochure.

brochure powerpoint template

Now you can edit the brochure template in PowerPoint. You can change the dummy text in the template and use your own copy. And you can change the images in case you want to replace the existing brochure images in PowerPoint by your corporate photos. If you want to change an image here, you can select the image and then choose Format menu. Then look for the Change Picture button.

brochure powerpoint

You can also replace the existing brochure or booklet template colors by accessing the Master Slide view. This can be very useful if you want to match the brochure colors to your visual corporate identity. For example, if we want to replace the light green color in the previous business brochure PPT we go to Master Slide design and then select the shapes. Now, right click to access Format Shape and then Fill. Now you can replace the default brochure color to cyan or blue.

brochure templates

There are many other free brochure templates that you download for other presentation needs, for example below is an sample for Healthcare brochure outside and half fold instead of tri fold brochure template. Alternatively, you may want to download Z Fold PowerPoint templates or 4 Fold PowerPoint templates for brochure or slide designs.

brochure templates for PowerPoint presentations