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Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, birth of a baby, a promotion, or just any triumph calls for a party. And a party is created to be remembered. Nothing makes parties and celebrations even more special than when it is held in the presence of family, close friends, and loved ones. To help you create beautiful, festive party invitations without spending much and still have enough time to concentrate on your party preparations, you can use these templates.

The Party Invitation Templates for PowerPoint are perfect templates for any party because they are easy to customize and have festive designs that would make your guests be as excited about your party as you are.

Get the Party Started With These Printer Friendly Templates

Prepare a Purple Party

This Purple Ribbon Party Invitation Template is a general purpose party invitation that you can use for many types of parties such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, or simple formal dinners.

This PowerPoint Online template features two invitations in one standard-sized page, which makes it economical and printer-friendly. It also has an elegant design, with the black and purple ribbon effect on an intricately shaped border. The main body of the template is in white, which makes your purple and black text stand out. Here, you can write the name of the event as well as the date, venue and other details of the event.

The template comes with instructions and guides that you can easily follow. These are located conveniently on the Notes pane.

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Multi-Purpose Elegant Party Invitation Template

Bask in a Blue and Black Bash

Let the party begin with this beautiful, high contrast Blue and Black Party Invitation Template for PowerPoint Online that allows you to create interesting invitations for free and in half the time. This template has a festive yet sophisticated design for parties and even concerts.

This template features a black background and an image of a clapping crowd in front of a well-lit stage or venue. You can write your event title on the header on one side of the template and the event details on the bottom of the other side. This template allows you to create two invitation styles or, if you want, make it uniform with just one look. Simply change the sample photo in the template for your own from your computer.

You can also follow the instructions conveniently located in the Notes pane to allow you to further customize the template or to start from a clean slate by clicking on New Slide.

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Celebrate and Invite Your Family and Friends to the Coolest Party Ever

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