Library Book Check Out Sheet For Excel

If you’re a librarian or school administration in charge of keeping track of the books that come in and out of the library, you know that the task can be pretty tedious. Despite the influx of eBooks, there are still many students and even teachers who prefer the feel of reading an actual book or going to the library for research. So to help you ease the workload in the library, you can use this Library Book Check Out Sheet for Excel.


This Library Book Check Out Sheet for Excel is a helpful template for logging the students who have borrowed or checked out a book from the library. This system has long been used in libraries all over to keep track of the books and ensure that they get returned on schedule. However, Microsoft Office Online takes the experience to the 21st century by making it more automated and cloud-based.

Great for Big and Small Libraries

This library template is perfect for any library, big or small. It features a specialized table that contains columns for Student, Contact Email, Contact Phone, Book Title, Date Borrowed, Date Returned, and Days Borrowed. The cells for the dates are pre-formatted for dates. The template also has specialized formula for various cells, such as the conditional formatting for late returns, which colors the corresponding text in red when someone is late in returning the books borrowed.

Furthermore, clicking on each row populates the Days Until Overdue, which is a box on the upper right-hand corner of the template, allowing you to see which books are needed to be returned immediately, so that proper notice can be given to them by email or phone.


Keep Track of Your Library Even On-the-Go

Furthermore, you can upload this template to Excel Online and all other staff in the library can view the same document at the same time and keep each other updated through the cloud feature.


This library check out template is great not just for school libraries but for companies, hospitals, organizations, or public institutions that have collections of books.

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