Interactive Road PowerPoint Template With Animated Timeline

The Road Destination Interactive PowerPoint Template is an animated template with sequential slides which show a ball marker sliding down the road, going through various pit stops (slides) finally arriving at a set destination.

The PowerPoint template starts with the ball marker sliding down the road, with the option to add a title and sub-title to customize the slide.

Road destination interactive PowerPoint template

Customizable, Sequential Timeline Slides

The various slides which follow the opening slide move the ball sliding downwards, each time you switch a slide. You can customize these slides with your content and when you present them, each mouse click will show the ball rolling down to the next milestone (Slide).

Sequential timeline slides

Create Animated Timeline with Milestones

As the ball rolls on, you can present, charts, diagrams, text-heavy slides, picture slides, etc. The template originally comes with 13 default layouts set in a precise sequence. You can easily create an animated presentation by using this sequence to add your own content in each slide, using the given textboxes.

If you wish to show your timeline with milestones, you can use each slide as a milestone or a marker to present important project related information. The rolling ball animation will automatically appear in Slide Show mode, complementing your added content.

Animated timeline chart slide

End Your Presentation with one or More Conclusions

As the presentation moves towards its end, you can use the final slide to conclude your topic, perhaps using details regarding what lies at the end of a timeline or project.

The end of the presentation can be marked with not just one conclusion but two different conclusions, as the template also provides provision for an alternative ending as the ball is shown rolling down first to the right and then to the left, in the last two slides.

Animated slide with timeline and road

To download this animated template, see the Presenter media link below. This interactive timeline slide can be downloaded for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Road Destination Interactive PowerPoint Template

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