If you need to get ideas on how to design PowerPoint presentation timelines with creative milestones then under this category you can download pre-designed milestone slide designs for Microsoft PowerPoint as well as project planning and timeline PPT templates for presentations.

TimeToast: Picture Based Online Timeline Generator

A picture is considered to be worth a thousand words and perhaps one of the most essential aspect of making an attractive timeline is to use the right images. While PowerPoint timelines can be made using SmartArt and mere text, images, icons and symbols always make timelines easier to understand. This is why many premium …

Create Web Based Interactive Timelines With Tiki Toki Timeline Maker

Tiki Toki is a web based timeline maker which enables creating beautiful timelines using text, videos and images. Tiki Toki supports fetching web based content via URL (including YouTube and Vimeo), which makes it possible to easily insert images and videos to create interactive, sharable timelines.

Animated Hour Glass Time Tracker PowerPoint Template

For a presentation about time management or project planning, you might  want to emphasize the importance of time. To do this you might want to use clock templates for PowerPoint. However, an hour glass illustration might work just as good.

Interactive Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

Roadmaps and timelines are best presented with interactive and animated slides. This is because you get the margin of presenting details regarding a project in a systematic manner, using slides which allow you to effectively create a sequence for your roadmap or timelines. We have compiled a list of animated and interactive roadmap PowerPoint Templates …

Interactive Road PowerPoint Template With Animated Timeline

The Road Destination Interactive PowerPoint Template is an animated template with sequential slides which show a ball marker sliding down the road, going through various pit stops (slides) finally arriving at a set destination.

Animated Gantt Chart PowerPoint Templates

Gantt charts are important for project management and to represent milestones and timelines. If you are making a Gantt chart for a PowerPoint presentation, you can save a lot of time by using a readymade template.

Interactive Gantt Chart Project Progress Template For PowerPoint

Gantt charts are an essential tool for project management and are often used for monitoring and depicting timelines and milestones. While there are a number of online Gantt chart tools that you can use for project management, using Gantt charts and presentations can be very difficult due to the need for making elaborate slides where …

How To Easily Create Project Timeline With Milestones in Excel

Beautiful Timeline Template that You Can Use For Your Projects

Without a schedule, a project can go on forever, thus increasing costs and ultimately rendering your project ineffective, or even a failure. A project, however big or small, needs proper management and scheduling in order for it to be a success and therefore bring in revenue for the company. Here, you will find out how …

Create Project Plans And Roadmaps With Product Plan

There are numerous methods by which you can create project timelines and roadmaps. The most convenient method is to use PowerPoint Timeline Templates or an add-in like Office Timeline. However, for the ease of making and sharing roadmaps online, one can opt for relevant web services. ProductPlan is a web service for making and sharing …

Create and Share Timelines Easily with Brevado

Making timelines can be a tedious job and very complex if you don’t have the right tools or need to make them manually. It is also often limited to just text or pictures. There are new modern and powerful web applications that let you create great looking timelines with less effort. Brevado is an example …