InsiderSales: Phone Dialer and Lead Management Solution

Many people are aware of the Salesforce service which is a lead management web service. If you are someone engaged in lead management services or require tracking and managing leads for your business, then InsiderSales might be quite helpful for you. It is a web service that offers sales software solutions to help businesses efficiently manage their leads. Whether you are an individual sales representative or are managing an entire sales division, InsideSales can help you make the most out of your leads by providing you with the option to record data for web generated leads, quickly respond to leads, track leads more efficiently, save files in your Dashboard via the File Manager (such as PowerPoint files, sales documents and the like), increase the effectiveness of phone calls, etc.

InsideSales Trial

Like most web services, you can sign up for a free trial or request a live demo to try out the features of InsideSales. After completing the sign up form you will be sent an activation email with an I.D. and password. In case of any issues, you can even use the given phone number to seek help. If you are creating PowerPoint presentations for Lead Management then you can download free Lead Management templates for PowerPoint and use the reports generated with this sales tool to create awesome slide designs.

Sign Up

After entering your credentials, you will have to accept the terms and conditions, after which your free trial will begin. From here you can check your calendar, create new campaigns, manage leads, view reports, save files and manage administrative tasks.

InsideSales Dashboard

To start a new campaign, go to the Campaigns tab and click Create New Campaign. This will provide you with an online form that can be used to create a campaign.

Start Campaign

Similarly, you can save and manage files using the File Manager or view reports and leads data to keep an eye on the ongoing sales process. The reporting options in the dashboard are quite elaborate and you can select a number of report types to analyze your leads data.


The below video provides information about how InsideSales can benefit your business and explains the utility of using the PowerDialer for Salesforce by InsideSales.

Since InsideSales is highly customizable, you will have to fill out an online form to request for a quote. The trial version of InsideSales is valid for 10 days.

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