How To Make Infographics For PowerPoint

Infographics are a quick and easy way to represent complex ideas in the form of interesting graphics, this is why they can save you a lot of time if you are able to create and add them in PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately, most web services which allow making infographics do not enable users to save them in image form, which makes it hard to add them to PowerPoint. Below are a few web services that you can use to create infographics, which can later be added to PowerPoint presentations and also shared online. is a handy web service which makes it possible to design infographics using various easy methods. With you can create infographics and data visualizations by completing online tests, fetching Facebook data (to visualize your profile stats) and by using wizards which allow you to create your graphics in a step by step process. The below image shows one such wizard, which I used to create an infographic about my TV viewing habits.

Create Infographic

Once the survey was complete, a graphic was generated, which I downloaded for my sample PowerPoint presentation.

Generate Infographic

As the generated infographic was available for download as a JPG image, I was able to insert it in a PowerPoint slide. You can use the same method to easily generate various types of data visualizations and infographics to use them for PowerPoint slides or share them online via direct link, embed code or social media sharing buttons given at

Add Infographic To PowerPoint

For more details about this web service, see our Review of

Just like, you can use the web service to generate infographics, which can be shared online or downloaded as a PNG image or PDF file. While you can easily use the PNG version of your infographic, you can also download and add the PDF document in PowerPoint. For more details, see our post about How To Insert PDF in PowerPoint.

create infographics

Another benefit of is that you can create interactive infographics and insert a wide variety of objects like images and maps to your visualizations.

Create New Infographic

The only downside of using this service is that some good features are only available in the PRO (Paid) version, such as the ability to download your infographic as a PNG or PDF file. However, if you don’t mind paying for the PRO version, you might find this service worth using.

Go to

Finally, in PowerPoint you can also make infographics using editable shapes and cliparts. One of the best resource to download editable clipart and illustrations to make infographics online is SlideModel. You can browse the gallery of PowerPoint templates and infographic PowerPoint designs to get inspired and use them in your infographics created in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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