How to make effective PowerPoint Presentations from a PPT Template

In the current scenario where everything needs to be live, PowerPoint presentations have managed to gain enormous popularity. PPT a common acronym for the PowerPoint Presentation is amongst one of the best ever software tools marketed by Microsoft. It has revolutionized the way in which academic or business presentations are being made these days.

Now, how would you define an effective PowerPoint presentation? In simplest of words, an effective presentation is one that is capable of conveying your message to the audience in best possible way so that they are able to connect with it.

Every slide contains a specific message which can only be delivered, if you incorporate an appropriate finishing touch into your creation. Therefore, coming section is aimed at providing some trustworthy tips for making an attractive as well as effective PowerPoint presentation.

  • Template is said to be the base of your presentation. Therefore the first thing that you must keep in mind before preparing a presentation is to choose an effective template matching your topic.
  • Once the template has been finalized, start working on your text. Do not overcrowd your slide with words. Limit to your idea. Here, rule of five can prove to be beneficial – add five words per line and five lines per slide.
  • Coming to the size of font, title font can vary between 36 and 40 whereas font for the body of text should not be smaller than 24 or else it may not be visible to people sitting at the back of presentation area.
  • Add a simple font style which is clear and properly visible. For adding a font style1. Go to menu option and select design tab.2. Click on font3. Select a font of your choice from a wide range of available font  options.
  • Individuals can add charts, figures, shapes, photo albums or even tables into their creation. For this,
    1. Go to menu option and select insert
    2. Click onto the type of figure that needs to be embedded into your slides.
  • You can also change the style of background or even hide it according to your requirements.
  • Try to stick with a single format for every slide.
  • After your slide is completed, run a “spell checker”.
  • Finally comes the time to view your creation. For this, you need to go to the menu bar and click on the slideshow option. Individuals can even record their narrations into their slides with the help of ‘record narration’ option.
  • Moreover, you can add some informative notes in ‘click to add note section’ available at the end of PowerPoint pane.
  • At times, people want their presentations to open up directly in slide show view. This can be made possible by following the steps mentioned below.
    1. Open your presentation which is to be saved for slide show.
    2. Come to file menu and select Save as and click PowerPoint show. This will save your file in .pps file extension from where you can start your presentation simply by double clicking onto it.

As for now, you are equipped with adequate amount of information to make your own effective and user friendly PPT.Regardless of your profession, these tips would surely prove to be of great benefit in the long run.