How To Effectively Emphasize A Point During A Presentation

Do your PowerPoint presentations fail to elicit interest or thoughtful questions? Well, then time has come for you to learn about how to effectively emphasize a point during a presentation so that your audience remembers, digests and hears your message effectively.

No doubt, telling your personal story can help you emphasize on key points of your presentation. Not just this, it will also give your audience a necessary rest or break. However, makes sure that your personal story has a message that supports the point you are making in your PPT.

Emphasize Your Point

When you are delivering a presentation, picture yourself as if you are giving instructions to the staff, a proposal to the evaluation committee and presentation to the management team. Now, what do you think? Are they hanging on your every word? Well, certainly no and so if you want people to believe and listens your message then do take into consideration the below mentioned points:

  • When your listeners laugh they are more willing to accept the new information. When you want to change the direction of your presentation, make them laugh just before you convey your message. Surely, this can prove to be a good attention getter for you.
  • If your audience doesn’t like what they see then they will not listen to you. Thus, be friendly to the ears and eyes of your listeners and for his you need to smile during a presentation which will make your audience believe you more.
  • Try to deliver your message directly to the audience instead of reading it. Otherwise, it will show that you don’t really believe and know the point you are stating. Therefore, look in the eye of an audience and indeed you will be in a position to convey your message ideally
  • Attach your key points to body language, visuals and word pictures as your audience is more likely to adhere to images than words. You may also use the trick of announcing an important line like the teachers do.
  • During the presentation, repeat your message thrice if you really want it to be perceived correctly. No doubt, the first time your audience must have not understood it and in the second turn they must have caught the part of it. When it comes to third time, they may remember your message for a longer period of time.

Henceforth, the next time you think about, how to prepare a presentation then just use the above mentioned tips.

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