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Part of Project Management is keeping track of all the activities and developments of every task in the project. It also entails looking closely into every detail and ensuring that all the activities and targets are done and met according to schedule. However, there will be inevitable instances when a task fails to be delivered, an outcome doesn’t go as planned, or the schedule is not followed. An effective project manager is on top of these problems or issues and is able to promptly address them before or as soon as they unravel.


Microsoft Excel has an array of project management and tracking tools that can help you stay on top of you, your team or your company’s every endeavor. And when it comes to keeping track of project issues, MS Excel has a template for it, which we will further discuss in this article.

Issue Tracker Template

The Project Issue Tracker Template for Excel is one of the many templates offered in the Microsoft Office portal. This free-to-use template lets you keep track of projects issues, thus allowing you to manage risks and other undesirable events.


The template is also capable of making you program issue types and priorities, as well as dates when the issue happened or opened, and when it has been resolved or closed. This data is then converted in a graph above the table. With this format, you can log issues and visually create a graph representation of opened and closed issues. Opened and closed issues are color-coded. This way, you know which one has been resolved and which one still needs to be worked on, at a glance.

Convenient Data Filtering Options

The Project Issue Tracker Template also has filtering data options which is very convenient especially if you are working on large amounts of data. You can sort information according to dates they have been opened or closed, or according to who has been responsible for the issues and the resolutions.


The template also comes with pre-set issue types and priorities so you can easily know which issue is important. This data can also be filtered for easy viewing and analysis. This free-to-use template works best in Excel 2013 versions.

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  1. Hi , very nice templates. When I use the Issue Tracker Template , at some point there is always a row that cause a problem and add 1 item closed even though there is no Closed ON data in the cell.

    Can you help ?

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