House For Sale Flyer Template For Word

With today’s economy, putting up that “For Sale” sign on your home can be tough enough. The task becomes more difficult when there are other “For Sale” signs on the same street. To help boost your odds of successfully selling your house in an otherwise crowded marketplace, you would need to market yourself well and therefore standout.

The House For Sale Flyer Template for Word is a beautiful template for creating a real estate flyer to advertise your house. A flyer, like other advertisement material, can help you attract more potential buyers by informing them of the details of the sale and features of the house. However, if you are in real estate and want to sell more houses, you may consider an animated presentation template such as this Free Real Estate Animated Presentation.


Attract More Potential Buyers

The House For Sale Flyer Template for Word is a letter-size flyer set in portrait orientation. At first glance, you will easily see the flyer pertaining to a house that is up for sale. The template is professionally designed and laid out so that the text and images can be seen even at a distance.


The front page contains “House for Sale” in big, bold text. Underneath is a big photo of a house that occupies most of the space in the front page. It also contains the address of the house and the contact person and phone number.

Thoroughly Designed to Showcase the House

The front page also contain lists of the house’s Facts, Features, Room Sizes, Schools, Costs. This information is important for buying decisions and for catching the interest of the potential buyers enough for them to inquire more. Similarly, the back page of the flyer contains a detailed sketch of the Location Map and the Floor Plan of the house.


You can easily change all the images and details of the House for Sale Flyer Template, and replace them with your own.

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