Ads are essential part of monetizing a business. The posts in this section provide various ideas for better managing your ads; including tips for effective advertisement and tutorials about how to incorporate ads in your products and Office templates.

The below posts cover various ad related topics such as; advertisement strategies, global advertisement, online advertisement, sales, revenue generation, marketing and techniques for more effectively targeting customers. Furthermore, you can download various handy templates to create your own printable flyers and advertisement slide shows.

Guide to Digital Marketing and Best Digital Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Digital Marketing and best digital marketing PowerPoint templates

Many conventional modes of marketing are fast becoming obsolete. From newspapers, direct mail, postcards, brochures, and flyers to door-to-door sales, demos, and events, all have now hit a snag. While conventional marketing methods were already suffering in the wake of digital marketing, COVID-19 has further changed the marketing landscape by making it impossible for businesses …