Ads are essential part of monetizing a business. The posts in this section provide various ideas for better managing your ads; including tips for effective advertisement and tutorials about how to incorporate ads in your products and Office templates.

The below posts cover various ad related topics such as; advertisement strategies, global advertisement, online advertisement, sales, revenue generation, marketing and techniques for more effectively targeting customers. Furthermore, you can download various handy templates to create your own printable flyers and advertisement slide shows.

Snappa: The Easiest Graphic Design Tool That Anyone Can Use

Many people simply don’t understand or can’t afford to use tools like PhotoShop or CorelDraw. Even if they could, making a professional looking graphic can take hours and not everyone is good at graphic designing. Thanks to graphic design tools like Snappa, you can now design all kinds of professional graphics using nothing more than …

Car For Sale Sign Word Template


If you are involved in the business of buying and selling cars, or simply want to sell your existing vehicle for an upgrade or to get rid of it, then you may very well know the importance of eye-catching signage. Creating a Car for Sale Sign will help you advertise that you are selling your …

Animated Sales PowerPoint Template For Presentations

ales signs and badges at stores are an effective mechanism for grabbing the attention of customers. If you would like to use badges and tags in the form of presentation slides to more effectively convey your message, then we have an animated sales PowerPoint Template which can help you make your presentations more attention grabbing.

Create Elegant Looking Online Sales Presentations With Presentate

Sales representatives, sales managers and other people engaged in the marketing department of an organization often require explaining a lot of features for a specific product or service. However, what works more than verbal explanations is visual aid.

Show Sales Presentations To Clients On The Go With Point Drive

If you are a sales agent or someone who often requires showing clients different products or need to provide them with detailed information regarding a service, it might be handy for you to carry a presentation on a smartphone or tablet. However, conventional presentations made using mobile presentation apps can often leave a lot to …

Retail Sale Flyer Maker Template For Word

Eye-Catching Professional Looking Design

In this digital world where many companies depend on social media to get in touch with their customers and promote their brand, it can be expected for people to say the flyers are dated forms of marketing. Still, many business owners and experts would still say that giving out flyers can still be effective because …

Business Sales PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

Create a Professional and Convincing Sales Presentation

The sales presentation that you create for your client can make or break your business sale. Thus, it is important to carefully plan and tailor your sales pitch to the interests, needs and wants of your client. It is also important to structure your presentation in a way that it highlights the benefits of your …

Why Should You Choose Social Media To Market Products?

You must have heard of it that some of the average movies turn out to be big blockbusters, with the prime reason being word-of-mouth publicity. Yes! It is true indeed. Even the corporate sector has also witnessed the good and bad of this promotion stint. Many-a-times, a product turns to be an instant hit. But, …

House For Sale Flyer Template For Word

With today’s economy, putting up that “For Sale” sign on your home can be tough enough. The task becomes more difficult when there are other “For Sale” signs on the same street. To help boost your odds of successfully selling your house in an otherwise crowded marketplace, you would need to market yourself well and …

Do You Think Advertising is a Necessary Evil?

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, when people started producing goods for profit, advertising has come to play a vital part so that these goods and services reach their intended target market. Advertisement these days plays an important role, especially now that we have so many different companies offering the same products!