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For any business, having a database, where all company data and transactions are centralized, can define successful operations. A database system can do tasks that are usually done for hours, store information that would end up lost, unprotected and misplaced, and shorten workforce requirements.

There are many database software available online, but are expensive. The Desktop Services Template for Access is a free database system that allows you to track and record every aspect of your business operations. It is a comprehensive business database template that allows you to monitor your customer activities and employee performance. It also stores invoice and quotes or costing.


Grow Your Business

This Desktop Services Template for Access comes with professionally designed Queries, Forms, Macros, Reports and many features. With this Access Template, you can easily store information and have it displayed in interrelated areas within your database. This saves you time as well as keeps your information secure. The multiple profile logins allow you security by filtering information and access to various employee levels.


Professional and Simple

Although open source, this template is comprehensive and beautifully designed yet impressively very easy to use. It features a sample version that you can choose as soon as you open the template so you can navigate through the whole database and be familiar with it; or you can go ahead and open the blank version to start creating your own database.


Once you get to the Main page on the General Manager profile, you can see multiple tabs starting with the Dashboard. This is where you can see your Open Quotes and Unpaid Invoices so you can keep track of the status of your contracts. The Quotes tab shows various subcategories like Active, Approved, Invoiced, Expired and Rejected. The Invoices tab displays Paid, Unpaid and Past Due contracts while the Report Center Tab contains various reports such as Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Sales Reports. Meanwhile, the Advanced tab shows a list of Services, Products, Employees and Customers.


This template is perfect for services companies handling multiple employees or agents, who work on a contractual basis.

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