Hourglass Animations For PowerPoint

You might have seen the hourglass in some old Gothic movie or perhaps as an illustration in some book. The hourglass is often used as a concept tied to the importance of time in books and popular culture. While the sand clock isn’t much too look at, it does have an allure to it. This is why using an hourglass in your presentations can help you make them more interesting. Here are a few Hourglass animations for PowerPoint that can make your content more appealing.

PowerPoint Animation of an Hourglass with Sand Passing Through

This is an animation of an hourglass with sand running through a sand clock. You can download this animation as a PowerPoint slide, which is essentially a video background. Alternatively, the animation can also be downloaded as a video file in three supported formats. In case you wish to adjust the color, brightness, saturation or TINT, make sure you perform these changes from the developer’s website before downloading the animation in one of your preferred formats.

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Hourglass video animation

The PowerPoint version of this animation is a single slide which acts like a video background upon which you can overlay your text and images, with the hourglass animation running in the backdrop.

Animated hourglass video animation for PowerPoint

You can also use the video version of this animation for your presentations or even in other projects, such as a blog post or as a part of a video that you might be making for marketing, a YouTube channel or some other purpose.

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Hourglass video animation

Hourglass Animation for PowerPoint

This is the standalone animation that depicts an hourglass with sand passing through it. You can download this animation as a GIF image, MOV or SWF file. The latter is only available with the white background, whereas, you can download the GIF and MOV version of the animation regardless of whether you pick the transparent or white background version of the animation to download.

Go to Presenter Media – Hourglass Animation for PowerPoint

Hourglass GIF animation

Stick Figure in Hourglass Animation

This is an animation with a very powerful undertone. It shows a man (stick figure) inside an hourglass with sand pouring over his head. This implies loss of precious time. The theme of this animation can be suitably used with any time related concept, such as when presenting a project timeline or roadmap, when discussing punctuality, the need to act quickly or when talking about the mortal nature of living beings.

Go to Presenter Media – Stick Figure in Hourglass Animation

Man inside hourglass

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